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Laura Van Waas

Laura is a co-founder and a Co-Director of ISI. Her background is in human rights law and since starting to work on statelessness in 2004 Laura has particularly focused on research and education. Based out of ISI’s Tilburg office, she has helped shape ISI’s knowledge building work – designing trainings, developing targeted resources for building the statelessness literacy of different audiences and leading cutting-edge projects on emerging issues. Laura’s PhD manuscript, ‘Nationality Matters’ (Intersentia, 2008), is widely used as a reference on international statelessness law and she has (co)authored a diverse array of other academic publications. Laura is the co-founding Editor in Chief, with Professor Michelle Foster, of the Statelessness and Citizenship Review, and from 2011 to 2022, she was a part-time Assistant Professor at Tilburg Law School, where she taught on statelessness and supervised LLM and PhD research.From 2009-2011, Laura worked for UNHCR, delivering capacity building projects for Headquarters and for the Regional Offices in the Middle East and in South-East Asia. Laura has also conducted studies for, among others, OHCHR, the European Parliament, Open Society Foundations, the US Department of State and Plan International. She is a co-founder of the European Network on Statelessness and is the founder of Books 4 Life, a chain of charity bookshops.

Laura Van Waas

Pavan is an empirically informed senior advisor in the policy space, and a dedicated teacher, who believes in democratizing education, and demystifying complex ideas, and communicating them effectively to management and policy students. Substantively, he pursues two streams of professional work and scholarship – law/policy, and applied behavior science.

He currently serves as the Director of the Centre for Social and Behaviour Change at Ashoka University, and also works closely with Niti Aayog. He has led the initiative to set up India’s first Nudge Unit, the Behavioral Insights Unit of India, which is an embedded team out of Niti. He has also helped set up a Behavioral Insights Units for the states of Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar. His main work focuses on development related issues in education, health, nutrition, and gender.

Laura Van Waas

Dr. Laura van Waas is a co-founder and a co-director of Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI).

Pavan Mamidi

Dr. Pavan Mamidi is the director of the Centre for Social and Behaviour Change at Ashoka University.


Michael Lettieri

Dr. Michael Lettieri is a senior fellow for human rights at UC San Diego’s Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies.

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